By TetraMap Admin

TetraMap is a globally proven learning tool that helps people to understand themselves, and those around them.

The strength of TetraMap lies in its simplicity. It uses nature as a metaphor, and the four elements (earth, air, water and fire) as symbols, to explain human behaviour and the different ways we communicate.   

  • Earth is FIRM
  • Air is CLEAR
  • Water is CALM
  • Fire is BRIGHT

Unlike other models, TetraMap isn’t a personality profile tool that boxes people into categories. Instead, it recognises that while we may show a ‘preference’ toward certain elements, there are aspects of each element in all of us.

We also believe that strength lies in valuing difference.

That is why much of the model and our faciliated sessions are focussed on helping people to better understand others around them, and why they communicate and behave the way that they do.  

When we understand and celebrate, differences, we are able to build better teams, stronger relationships, and connect with others in a more meaningful way.

Where it began

TetraMap was developed in 1995 by New Zealand based couple, Yoshimi and Jon Brett. Inspired by their shared passion for the environment, they sought to create a learning model that promoted self-awareness, and an awareness of others, in order to reduce workplace conflict and increase team cohesion.  

Combining lessons from ancient Chinese philosophy on nature’s elements, and Buckminster Fuller’s scientific approach to human nature and discussion of the tetrahedron, the TetraMap model was born. 

TetraMap uses the tetrahedron to demonstrate the interdependency between elements and human behaviour. All faces on a tetrahedron touch each other – there are no opposites or sides that are stronger or weaker than others. Instead, they are all equal, and when they come together to make the tetrahedron, they become nature’s strongest shape.

Similarly, when we learn to work together and nurture our differences, we build better and stronger relationships.

Over the past 20 years, thousands of organisations worldwide have benefitted from the Tetramap approach. Participant feedback has been immensely positive, with many asking over the years how they can take what they’ve learnt home and apply it to their family.

That is why we have created the courses on this website. It is the next step in our journey to making Tetramap accessible to anyone wanting to answer the questions ‘Why am I like that’, and ‘Why are YOU like that’?.

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